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  • colorado_river_ream colorado_river_ream Aug 20, 2008 1:43 AM Flag

    Hey Katz, What's Delaying the Land Swap?

    Does Uncle Sam want you to give up
    too much? Or, more accurately, WHO
    do you have to Give Up?
    If it's not already a Done Deal,
    you might get it done with this Lame
    Duck President and/or Congress...
    OR you can go for Double or Nothing
    after the Election.
    Are those Beads of Sweat I see, Bobby?
    Who do you have to Screw in order to get this done?

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    • Just a few comments on MTN. I think if you are investing in this stock, you need to be very careful, as It seems the downside risk is greater than the upside. Just a few points: Declining revenues according to Yahoo. A slumping economy, withn many of the clients coming from wall street, which is not doing so great this year. The dollar is getting stronger, which may slow down the amount of visitors from other countries. Real estate sales slowing in the second home market, which has been the strength of the last few years with very few projects coming on line in the near term. I read that they have not sold a Vail Ritz Club unit in months. Remember also that if it does not snow, investore are screwed. The risks just seem too great for the possible reward. I live in Vail and things are not as good as the local media would like you to believe. I have never shorted a stock, but this is one I am considering.

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      • It's so much better than the rest of the country though. There are still plenty of jobs for anyone with a pulse, homes are still moving and it looked like it was going to snow today. It'll be a good year, man. Last year was the first normal one since '96 and it really does run in 10 year cycles here. Sucks about our ugly trees though.

        The Vail Ritz is a bad indicator of the local economy because they're competing with another Ritz 10 miles away and an entire valley full of new or remodeled hotels. I don't even think it's finished yet.

        The numbers to look at are the residential and commercial real estate values in mountain resort communities. That is what VR makes (made) it's money from, not skiing.

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