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  • somedirtyhippie somedirtyhippie Nov 12, 2008 11:29 PM Flag

    Bring back BB&B!

    Cum on VR, you know it sucked the life out of Vail when you shut that down. Incorporated ski town USA is what Katz wanted, and he got it. Now they've got to deal with the fact that the town has become incredibly boring.

    Wanna go to the only night club in America with a bouncing dance floor? Too late, they tore it down for the Solaris hotel. Wanna see the coolest CD store on the planet? Sorry, it was in the way so it's gone. How about the best ski bar that has ever existed, the sundance saloon? Also in the way, and also gone. Wanna ski Vail all day long and drink a cold beer on a warm, sunny deck at the end of that day? Oops, that's now in the bitterly cold shadow of the biggest hotel Vail has ever constructed. Wanna ski fast? Too bad, there are hundreds of yellow jackets (rental ski patrol) just itching to pull your pass for the season. Late night food? Grocery store in the Village? a Theater you don't need to drive too? All gone.

    Bottom line is this: Anything cool that has ever existed in Vail has met it's fate at the hands of growth, progress or snobery. In the past decade we've ruined our towns soul to nearly double our capacity right when we need less capacity and tons of soul.

    Bang up job Katz! You really know what you're doing, don't you?

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