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  • fry.cuso Feb 27, 2010 6:55 PM Flag

    Hunter Mountain - Bed Bugs BITES

    Hunter Mountain - Bed Bugs Problems;

    Has any experienced BED BUG Problems

    After Skiing at Hunter Mtn (

    Our Family skied Presidents Weekend at Hunter Mountain and
    stayed at their LIFTSIDE Condos.

    Both my kids and my wife had Ugly Red Blotches
    on their Arms & Back.

    I had red marks on my legs.

    Our Doctor said these were BED BUG BITES.

    Our family had to spend $670 for 2 exterminators
    to rid this problem in our home.

    We brought these bugs back to our home from Hunterr Mountain

    If any one else has BED BUGS Bites after Skiing at Hunter Mtn - Please email us.

    We plan to sue

    Thank you

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    • This has no relevance to Vail Resorts (MTN), why are you posting it here? Vail does not own this ski area, or any of the lodging.

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      • Hunter Mountain - Bed Bugs Infestation.

        Has any one experienced BED BUG Problems at
        The Kaatskill Mountain Club located at
        Hunter Mountain, Hunter NY?

        After attending spending 2 nights at Hunter Mtn
        ( Kaatskill Mountain Club
        this fall, our family of 5 discovered we contracted numerous bed bug bites.

        Both my kids and my wife had Ugly Red Blotches
        on their Arms & Back.

        I had large red marks on my legs and groin region.

        Complaints to Hunter Mountain’s President and
        General Manager Russ Colotron were generally dismissed.

        Upon our return to our home, we asked
        our long time doctor to view the families red welts.
        He said: they appeared to be BED BUG BITES.

        He further suggested we dry clean or dispose of all garments
        to rid the parasites.

        The advice was good, however these tiny critter managed
        to hide in shoes, sneakers and the suitcase then invaded our home.

        We were forced to spent $670 for 2 exterminators
        to rid this problem from our home.

        If any one else has contracted BED BUGS
        frm Hunter Mtn or their Katskill Club - Please email us.
        at :

        We plan to formally sue this filthy resort for our
        extermination costs.

        Thank you

    • bring lotion and bug spray to the
      ski area

      dr ranton

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