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  • jumpin_eli jumpin_eli Feb 15, 2011 9:21 PM Flag

    New Credit = NO CRED

    Yeah, $500MM vs. $400MM

    IF, and Only If, V.R. "Resolves" it's OTHER

    outstanding debt...

    Sounds to me that At Best, all they got is a

    conditional/marginal $100 Million, which won't

    cut it if they are serious about developing Ever

    Vail, or for that matter, anything else...

    Do these guys even have The Coin to pull off

    2015 without a having to throw a Bake Sale??

    The Fed is about to Tighten, BIG TIME...

    But, Hey, V.R. "can Always Tap the Commercial

    Paper Market..." At about 9% plus...

    This is what V.R. Stockholders can expect for

    doing business with Drexel Alumni...

    Run Like The Wind, Get Out Now,

    Whatever you do, don't be long this stock...

    Maybe buy some Bonds... You might get back 40

    Cents on the Dollar, At best!

    Hey, but the Snow's GREAT... You can melt it in

    April and even drink it if you can stand the

    heavy metal mining residues which turn the snow

    rust-colored during low snow years...

    I Repeat, Get Out, Get Out NOW!!


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