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  • samintx samintx Mar 17, 1998 12:26 AM Flag

    Barron's article

    In Todays Barron's VAIL is a New Idea! Great management

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    • Vail is giving the opportunity to view the events
      at no cost. Have you ever been to a world cup in the
      states? And what type of question is that you present of
      protection from someone skiing into a tree. Have you ever
      skied before??

    • To respond to your second question first, when you buy a lift ticket, you are essentially assuming all risk and responsibility and agreeing to knowledge and understanding of the Skiers Reponsibility Code. All this is written all over ticket windows and on your lift ticket itself. (Makes for great reading on the lift). As far what happens when someone does try and sue, I'm not exactly sure. But you can't really blame a tree for getting in your way.

      AS far as free tickets, I don't think the money is in the ticket sales as much as visitor income and lift ticket sales. If you're speaking of the World Cup '99, all of Eagle county is filling up already so people from all over will be flocking to Vail. Big bucks!

    • Why is Vail Valley giving away 90% of the World Championship tickets for free and does anyone know what kind of TV contract they have for the event? Also, how does MTN protect itself from being sued everytime some idiot skis into a tree? I would think they would be a prime target for lawyers. Any info is appreciated.

    • The ipo and stock have done extremely well. I was quite a bit leary knowing Leon Black was involved but MTN does have great brand recognition. 45 times earnings??? Insanity!!! I'll stick with buying IDR on the dips. What about SKI??? very scary!!! Les sure can pull off miricles though. Cheers!!! SC

    • I am a proud owner of 290 shares. I bought in the IPO and was a little hesitant. Over the course of 6 months I saw the
      amount of capital projects that Vail Assoc. has for its' 4 world-class resorts. Going into this summer the capital project list is
      larger than last year for Breckenridge. Last year saw more money dumped into Breck than was dumped into it in the last 10 years
      combined. This year they are developing Peak 7 for intermediate ski runs and adding some more chair-lifts. There is a village in the
      works and the future definately looks very bright. I feel it was a very sound purchase at $20.80/share.

    • I bought this stock a year ago around 17.00 for diversification and because I knew the VAIL operation and it is a good one. If you have a limited portfolio I wouldn't buy(would rather collect GE, PG DELL etc) but if you want diversification it is a good stock/company. buy on pullbacks or whatever. Growing industry by suffers from the vagaries of weather and economy.

    • Just got new issue of Kiplinger's. Analyst stated that the 4 year target was $60 - 70. He didn't say how to break that down over an annnualized basis or if most of the growth in price would be immediate or nearer the end. I am new to this board and this stock(haven't bought yet). Any opinions as to why to buy this one would be appreciated!

    • As the stock runs up take a look at RAH, they own 22.25% of Vail and the recent advance on MTN is not reflected in their stock.

    • Do you mean Vail has been remiss in publisizing the company, or that Barrons hasn't got a clue about Vail?

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