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  • Note the pop at the end of todays trading?

    Somebody bought (or sold) 150000 shares!

    Should make for an interesting open tomorrow on the stock.

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    • I just bought in at 21. Maybe should have held out fot the teens but think I will be ok.

    • I think small caps will come back in a big way
      soon. Earnings growth looks much better here than in
      the big caps which have slowing growth rates. R Baron
      may be on to something here? These earnings are going
      to look pretty damn good compared to the blue chips.
      MTN did pretty well last season with lackluster snow.
      Odds are this year will be much better weather wise
      and higher earnings should follow as well. This could
      be a buy in the teens. SC

    • why would you think the price will be in the teens by christmas?
      Can't MTN go forward/ profit without buying all the other resorts in colorado? anybody have an opinion?

    • Anyone know what synergies vail (I will keep this
      in small caps until the mkt. cap. is $1 billion)
      gains from an acquisition like Telluride? I never read
      the merger document from the breck and keystone
      acquisition to see what savings they projected.

    • There are no frige benefits to owning this stock,
      of corse if there were, I think this stock would go
      way up around ski season.

      I believe this is a
      stock worth holding on to. Vail is quickly gobbling up
      other properties in the Rockies. In early August, they
      bought the Village at Breckenridge. This put them in the
      driver's seat in Breckenrige for tourists during the ski
      season as well as the summer conference business.
      Another point to consider is the rumor about the purchace
      of Telluride. This hasn't been confirmed of denied
      by the top brass. One day, Vail will probably
      control most of the ski/lodging facilities in the Co.

    • A possible hint for the trade of 150,000 shares
      weather it was buy or sell. If the trade was on a
      downtick - on the bid, then it was a dump or sell. It just
      so happens that someone on the other side decided to
      take the trade. This could have been a 401 K plan for
      example. You may not know who dumped 150,000 shares, but
      probably an institution. Why would an instituion take the
      other side? For one, they get a commission for getting
      good deployment or good fills for the trade. Secondly,
      they take inventory(instituions) for a variety of
      reasons-- one mainly being able to facilitate demand for
      short selling which is a big business for brokerages ,
      mutual funds, pensions, etc. Oh, if the trade took place
      on an up tick on the ask, then this was a buy. The
      stock will rise or fall accordingly depeneding on the
      size in the market for the stock.

      Hope this

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