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  • scgroup98 scgroup98 Nov 6, 1998 12:52 PM Flag

    MTN is a dog

    How has this Co. done well?

    management has an avergae education level= to that of a pre

    Second, they have so much employee theft it is

    Third, they cannot even answer the phones promptyl, let
    alone keep track of their $.

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    • It has been snowing here almost everyday for the
      last 3 weeks. Official base is 80 inches but at the
      top of the mountain it is well over 120 inches.
      Skiing is top to bottom, everything is open and everyday
      is a powder day (plus we are way up on last
      year).Come visit, the exchange rate is 50% right now.

    • Lots of dirt and ice on most of the trails, its cold again at least but not alot of snow. Place is a ghost town. Pray for snow.....

    • conference call between analysts and vail management on thur 12/10.

    • I can't even see 20% growth here??? How do buying
      justify 29X earnings??? Leon definitly has the bucks to
      keep this baby propped. Super picker Ron Baron owns
      quite a bit. Why? This seems to be a questionable
      stock. I wouldn't be surprised to see flat earnings
      here?? Cheers!!! SC

    • leon black is holding this stock up. the only
      growth is from acquisition. booking are down all across
      the US this year not to mention we probably haven't
      heard the last of the eco-terrorists with the world
      championships coming this year. that will hurt mtn short term.
      long term, any downturn in the economy and resort
      stocks will get hurt badly. a lot of risk for

    • Where is all the growth going to come from?? This
      stock is trading at 29 time earnings. I'd say look out
      below but I don't follow MTN super closely. Some very
      capable people own this stock. What's the story here??
      Think Snow!!!

    • Didn't mean for the message to be a tirade, just
      a little insight to one stockholders views. As for

      glad you've made money on this stock. After buying on
      the first day it was issued, I personally was hoping
      for better performance!

    • not to mention 30X earnings, eco terrorists, and bookings down this year.

      • 1 Reply to gprince73
      • to anyone who has lived in the mountains, vail
        and its developers were a godsend. They opened a door
        to a world many of us would have never known had
        they not developed the area. If you visit vail and
        hike a half mile off the interstate, you can't hear
        the traffic, you are surrounded by nature and you
        feel if you are one with the mountains. Vail (the town
        and vail associates) allowed this to happen in this
        area. Vail as a ski resort and as an area to get lost
        in nature is a wonderful place. Having lived there
        for years allowed me to learn that while it was great
        to live in such a place, people still fought the
        same battles as anywhere else, only with different
        scenery surrounding them. I also know that as a summer
        and winter resort, vail has to keep advancing. There
        is no such thing as not moving. When you try to
        stand still, others move ahead. So to keep on top,
        companies must continue to strive to improve. The question
        is "is further development an improvement or a step
        back". It's a good question to ask and a hard one to
        answer. This last summer i visited vail for the first
        time in several years. I couldn't believe how much
        down valley had developed. Where i used to go elk
        hunting, there were houses...and many more planned. I was
        reminded of john denvers song--rocky mountain high--more
        people, more scars upon the land. While i am happy that
        more people get to enjoy living in the mountains, i do
        wonder where it will lead and when will it stop. I know
        when it will stop. It weather patterns change so much
        that the snows stop coming. You can argue that that
        would be terrible or mother natures way of reclaiming
        her own. I wholeheartedly condemn those who set the
        blazes on vail mountain. Our court system, while not
        perfect, is the place to fight these battles. And if the
        court system doesn't satisfy those who disagree, then
        sway public opinion and change laws to correct things
        to your way of thinking. People tend to take things
        to extremes before moderation takes place. Many
        times we don't even know we've taken them to extremes
        until someone points it out in some way or form. To
        vail associates, keep doing your best to make your
        company and your resort the best in the world. To those
        who may disagree with vail associates methods, please
        challenge them in the courts or even the higher court of
        public opinion. Sway public opinion, get laws changed.
        Knowledge to the masses will do more for a cause than acts
        of violence. Violence hardens peoples minds and
        hearts even to the best of causes. Sincerity and open
        communication opens minds, softens hearts, and opens ears to
        what you are attempting to say.

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