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  • michalisrael157 michalisrael157 Nov 22, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    CTCH is looking for a uge growth people are not paying attention to the last move in Germany

    I don't know if anyone took the time to listen to the CC after buying the German company,I think that finaly there is a chance for the company to turn the corner. First they raised next Q rev guidance and the biggest news comes from the 4 year projection.
    CTCH is expecting a 100M$ !!!!!! rev in 4 years. Now the company rev are 23-24M$/year.In order for them to come out with a 100M$!!!! rev they need to grow at least 50%!!!!!! YOY in the rev for them to come out in 2015-2016 rev of 100M$.The company growth up until now was flat. I think someone is strating to pay attention. If they can come out with 4X growth in just for years we are looking at a company that may earn 80-90c in 4 years that gives the company future growth PE of 3!!!! for the future growth that is realy absurd if this will come true at a PE of 20 -30 the company should trade with a price tag of 16-25$ not less than 3$. I have to admit that during the years I got so frustrated that I sold some of my position frustrated from the managment that done nothing to create volume or interest at this company the reverse split than a 3 CEO in 3 years that was very frustrating believing that something will come out from this investment.
    I think that now we have a mangment that is comited to create value and a CEO that is very focused to grow this company the BOD is very strong very profetional people were hired for this board.
    Ithink for the first time in many years there is a HOPE

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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