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  • owl_234 owl_234 Apr 11, 2004 9:17 AM Flag

    KC vs. St. Louis

    I note that the Kempers just gave $5 million to Washington University in St. Louis for an arts center. I was curious if Kansas Citians feel any resentment of the Kempers for effectively transferring control of this company to St. Louis (Clayton actually) from Kansas City and David Kemper (CEO) abandoning Kansas City for St. Louis.

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    • Here is how you get your free money..

      1.) Open up a bank account with commerce bank.. Either under your own name or with someone else's stolen identity(the later is preffered)..

      2.) Get an ATM card

      3.) deposit a large fake check

      4.) The next day the funds are made available by the dumbest banking policy in History. Withdrawl as much as possible from the ATM account because you only have a few days before the bank finds out the check is bogus.

      5.) Once the ATM limit is reached you can get the rest of the funds from the purchase of a United States Postal Money order by using your atm card...

      I only think this is how they are doing it. I see the money orders being cashed by people who aren't qualified to earn such a paycheck in such a short period of time.. I do not understand why any Bank would allow this to continue and as a non-shareholder I am outraged at this policy and how they can't seem to stop it after several months...I guess nobody cares from the number of posts on this board...

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      • Booogersnott,
        FYI - Judging by your profile and your stated location, you should be posting this info on the Commerce BankCORP message board....NOT the Commerce BankSHARES board. Commerce Bankshares is located in the Midwest and is not in any way part of Commerce Bankcorp out of NJ.
        Either way, if you are looking to point out a problem you have with an organization's method of operation, I would recommend not suggesting to anyone that they go out and commit fraud which is what you outlined. (And yes, I do know it was intended as sarcasm.)

    • The Kempers have always been and continue to be involved with contributing in Kansas City. They just finished renovating a monumental first national bank building and creating a first class Kansas City library (far more than 5 million$), renovating the original Commerce bank building, instrumental in helping land HR Block back downtown, starting to get behind a new arena / stadium downtown.

      Both Cities are lucky to have'm.

      Where the resentment comes in is withing the goverment... Assisting STL more than KC.
      And secondly the resentment STL has from the 85' World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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