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  • thousandheirsshouldnotinvest thousandheirsshouldnotinvest Sep 17, 2004 3:54 PM Flag

    tpop.ob (tower properties)

    according to the filings at tpop.ob, they're getting very low interest rate loans from commerce. why is that?

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    • thousandheirsshouldnotinvest thousandheirsshouldnotinvest Sep 20, 2004 2:28 PM Flag

      if anyone needs a hint as to who owns tower properties, look at "major holders" of both companies.

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      • While I can understand your concern aboout the connection between CBSH and TPOP, I think Soupbone is right that this is an non-issue as the SEC tracks both companies, not to mention, federal bank officials, and I am confident has carefully reviewed the situation.

        Also FYI, According to Tower's quarterly report, 8/13/04, "The principal source of external funds is long-term debt and an $18,500,000 line of credit with Commerce Bank, N.A. The Line of Credit is collateralized by 136,699 shares of Commerce Bancshares, Inc. common stock, real estate owned in Downtown Kansas City, MO. and a negative pledge and assignment of rents from the Commerce Tower Building. The line of credit has been utilized by issuing a $6,656,000 letter of credit to back a low rate Industrial Revenue Bond and a $65,000 letter of credit required by the Company's mortgage on the Hillsborough apartment complex. At June 30, 2004, the Company had $6,488,000 outstanding borrowings on the line of credit. The Company had $5,291,000 available under the line at June 30, 2004. This line of credit has been extended at market rates and terms and management believes the Company could obtain similar financing arrangements if the Company's relationship with Commerce Bank, N.A. did not exist".

        Based upon the securities referenced, I would consider TPOP to be an excellent customer for any bank.

      • The point your trying to make has been made before.

        Cbsh, Commerce Banks have all passed annual reviews by their various regulators.

        You also can own Tower Properties shares, just tell your broker to bid it, if and when shares are on the market.

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