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  • trustgodnotmen trustgodnotmen Sep 21, 2009 6:38 PM Flag

    Let's look into the TRUTH on INSIDER trade

    debt to cash 4:1
    debt to earnings 2:1
    52 week high 52.86
    52 week low 27.80
    midpoint 40.33
    current 36.97 (good bounce off low)
    market sentiment: there will be a 50% correction in financials
    Analysts medium target 37.50 (we are there, no guarantees for more)
    months to Christmas: 3
    best time to visit island paradises: now until January
    Latest dividend was paid to holders of 9/25: so time to dump, dividend is over

    So, in my dumb opinion, bank stocks are indeed reaching their short term apex, and we will have a correction, either now or between now and end of year.

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    • Wow, partner. CBSH is the best bank in the business, look at fundamentals, versus just your short term view. what a keeper !!

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        I've owned CBSH since 1980 and won't be selling. It's been a reasonably good investment but not stellar. The bank is better than most. I've been a customer for many years also mostly because of being a shareholder. I'll have to say I'm not impressed with their customer interface. Capitol Federal is better and in my area and does many times more business than the local CBSH branch does. Commerce bought a local branch and proceeded to lose a big part of the local customers. They do pretty well in spite of themselves. If the management was really good they would be trying to figure out why others can steal their customers instead of being complacent. They probably think that just because they show some modest growth that means they are doing enough. Too bad, but it's typical in banking since for many years their wasn't just a whole lot of strong competition. If I were a young man I think it would be a good opportuinty to start a firm offering consulting services to bank managements because I think they typically have little imagination. WW

    • Well there are many reasons why an insider will sell, but not usually if he thinks there is a good prospect of the stock moving up significantly in the next 6 months. A good reason he might sell is that he could foresee a lot of loan write offs that will require reserves to be increased and the necessary reduction of earnings. It's also possible that they are raising cash to buy distressed property which they are in a good position to know the fundamentals of. The latter seems the more likely to me. WW

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