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  • tigerpawn tigerpawn Sep 16, 2011 2:10 AM Flag

    Doing business with commerce

    Thinking of buying stock, can someone tell me how good
    Or bad there customer service is at bank, checking, saving, Ira, etc
    Are employees nice or rude, do they seem like they care, are therebbanks clean and friendly
    Thanx tigerpawn

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    • You can't count on getting a meaningful answer to your question. People will more likely respond who are prejudiced one way or the other. A few people will always have a bad experience and are the most likely to want to air their feelings. Your best test for the sentiment of customers is the long run growth history of the bank which is respectable compared to competition. Frankly I think most banks have poor customer interface. They don't use good management techniques to assure that their people are good representatives in my opinion. Commerce bank has been a good investment for me since 1983. It's not an AAPL or a WMT but nevertheless I've done well with it. Currently with the cash dividend and 5% stock dividend we've been getting for some time it is a comfortable hold. WW

    • I have had CB stock for many years and they have generally been good to me, although last few years have been tough largely for reasons beyond their control. I also do some banking with Commerce and was generally pleased until recently when service has been disappointing. I am hopeful we can straighten out the issues.

      While CB stock has previously outperform its peers, they are facing new, aggressive competition, changing regulations,and tough loan markets in a tough economy. Leadership may be a bit staid. (Sometimes the slow horse plods along and wins, sometimes he gets let behind). Probably my greatest concern is the underlying creation of wealth in the region as the Midwest region moves from a finished product production economy to being an raw material exporter and finished product importer. Concerns are probably as much about market as the actual company.

    • Branch people are nice and it is good to do business with a home town company. Bank is not innovative and slow to adopt even basic industry technology. How long can any bank continue to loan money to declining customer base (seniors) and not try to attract the technology-smart 30 year olds? Sleepy regional that needs to grow or get bought.

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