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  • blg85inky blg85inky Mar 24, 1999 7:44 PM Flag

    Long Dry Spell

    Will be glad when CBSH changes course and starts heading back up.
    Maybe some good news will come out of the annual board meeting in April that will help.

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    • We are long term (year in year out) shareholders,
      and thus receive the yearly annual

      1998's Report references their plans to begin online
      baking at some point in 1999.

      A research site I
      found shows that Commerce has about 6 domain names
      registered for use.

      I spoke with an employee in KC,
      and questioned her as to when I, as an acct holder
      might be able to actually use internet

      She said the site was already up and running, but
      that only employees are allowed to use it presently,
      so that any bugs in the system can be worked out.
      She said she thought that online banking might be
      available within the next 2 months or so.

      One of the
      recently registered domain names seemed to indicate the
      brokerage holding company may also be headed for online
      stock trading, but no one I spoke to could give me any
      information about this.

      What is the opionion of other
      long term shareholders about what effect this might
      have on stock prices? I don't anticipate an internet
      type valuation, but even a small improvement would be

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      • >>>>>>Update after market

        Friday, 4:05 PM ET

        Our new pick is
        Computer Research, Inc. (CRIX) - Currently trading at

        Some times it is much wiser to look behind the scenes
        when investing in hot sectors. The brokerage and
        finance industry is growing by leaps and bounds, helping
        the stocks of companies which represent these
        industries climb to new heights. Computer Research provides
        computerized accounting and record-keeping support services to
        more than 50 securities broker/dealers, banks and
        other financial institutions. The company is directly
        affected by the volume of trading (stock and bond trades).
        In their last reported quarter, revenues were up
        nearly 30% and earnings were .03. The company said that
        the revenue increases were mostly due to increased
        trading volumes.

        Computer Research has a dynamite
        balance sheet with nearly $2.5 million in cash and short
        term investments and almost no debt. Last year was a
        time of re-configuration. They upgraded all their
        software systems to the year 2000 compliant IBM AS/400
        platform. They also managed to replace the revenue from a
        lost customer by adding 4 new customers. Now the
        company plans to focus on growth. And that is exactly
        what we like....

        You can visit their web site
        (which is currently being modified) at

        Computer Research is one of the most
        solid little companies we have ever come across. A
        truly undiscovered prospect in a very hot

        Check out their SEC filings at Shares outstanding - approximately 4,000,000

        TechNewsletter would hope for $5 to


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