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  • Manuel_Dexterity Manuel_Dexterity Jan 12, 2000 5:39 PM Flag

    cardaholic721 are you there

    CNJ. Can some one point out for me a sequential
    list of actions points, long term and short term, that
    will change the business within one year. What is the
    vision (no pun)the stratgies and the execution required
    to make it happen for the 3 segements: Pearle, Cole
    Licensed and MVC. TR is seperate for now.

    I am
    interested in this company but see little of substance on
    this board that can change it, too much bitching and
    reminescing of the past, wasting time on religious

    Who is up to the challenge?

    Any one know what
    the status is on the CFO search and a replacement for

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    • first some late rumors. just rumors. cole has
      pulled a couple inventories of late-out of sequence with
      their norm. the latest was of dr's eqpt in the field.
      there is word (rumor) that cole is actively looking for
      a buyer for pearle.

      now what to do
      admit there is a problem. cole keeps spouting the same
      crap to their worker bees and franchisees
      2. stop
      making dumb patches to the system. the problem is too
      big to patch
      3. start keeping their promises. they
      have lied to the franchisees, the guys keeping them
      4. work with what they have and honor their
      5. stop the boon doggles into areas they don't
      understand, such as insurance ie., collecting for instead of
      providing service
      6. try to find steve and see what he
      is doing and get him on the ball or out the
      7. get jeff another job and find some one (i vote
      for stansworth) to run the company
      8. stop using
      their stores and franchisees as support for mm, turn it
      9. hold marketing accountable for their work or lack
      there of
      10. concentrate on the job of optics
      instead of their stock
      11. sell all the stuff they
      don't know how to handle
      i could go on but why
      bother. the problems are basic. just plain old hones
      business would do it.