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  • pickypicker pickypicker Jan 20, 2000 10:36 AM Flag

    larry pollock the gem we expect

    maybe. i hear the first thing he will do is
    address the franchises and their concerns. this may buy
    him a micro second. franchisees seem to be able to
    sniff out a phony toot sweet. we do not need another
    blow hard or absent executive like sl. you folks
    working for cole/pearle are right in doing your best, you
    take the pay check-earn it. sometimes your best is
    stnading four square and telling the top dogs what is
    wrong. hard to do but the right thing.

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    • Your comments are right on the money........but
      the big bad wolf has to get out of the mentality that
      "they" (the distribution center, the home ofice, et
      al...) are the profit center of the company! (Yes they
      actually believe that!)

      The DC has to be hurting as
      even the company owned stores have been forced to use
      outside sources for products and service.

      However, if "they" decide to truely focus on the customer
      (us) things still have a chance to turn
      around.........if only........

    • Good to see those who have been watching this
      board step up and join in. Welcome.

      Pearle has
      been marking up their products to franchise stores
      from the beginning. That's fair because they have
      their overhead to cover too. What is not kosher is
      Pearle distribution and lab shopping the competition and
      fixing their prices at or just above the "street" level.
      Not if you beleive the rhetoric in the franchise
      sales brochure, ie: the franchise is able to buy
      product below market prices due to the mass purchasing
      power of Pearle. Your only club to be used against the
      monster is to do as many franchises have done. Take your
      business to those that appreciate it and who will give you
      a better price with better service. Only when
      enough of you remove the lab and distribution ctutch
      will the management make business decisions which will
      reduce your cost. You only have to look at retail
      marketing to prove my point. When sales drop off management
      sends in the big discount promotions. This will happen
      in the wholesale arena as well if sales at that
      level drop sufficiently to provoke the discount
      reaction. It takes commitment on the part of the franchise
      but their are plenty of suppliers who want your
      business and will do what it takes to earn it.

    • if nero were alive today he would have a
      corporate jet. can't these people afford a fiddle?? i'm
      sure there is radar detector that steers that jet
      away--far away- from franchisees. reminds me of the lives
      of the rich and deluded.

    • Don't be bashin the corporate jet. As an
      employee, I believe we need this to visit the franchises to
      keep up with how they are doing. It is a very good
      "tool" indeed. But I'm thinking they must be having
      problems with it because I don't think it has been used
      for that lately, oh excuse me, EVER!!!!

    • Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    • They still have a corporate jet and a seperate building for the corporate Taj Mahal.

    • Hey, at least we will still have the Cole Eye Center after we go under. I wonder if there is a clause that allows The Clinic to change that name when the company is sold or dies?

    • Here's an example of a typical pink elephant:
      Once upon a time, senior management decided to hold a
      "cost cutting contest". All employees were advised that
      if they submitted proposals to cut costs and those
      proposals were accepted, AND the proposals translated into
      actual costs saved, then the nominating employee would
      get a very small percentage of the saved costs as a
      bonus (up to a set maximum amount). Good idea and nice
      way to get everyone involved, or so we thought.
      Several proposals were submitted, including many along
      the lines of "gee, could we lose the jet, or the
      loges, maybe reduce certain other senior management
      perks (still keep 'em, just not at an obscene level)?"
      The response to that was that the cost cutting
      contest was in no way going to affect the perks received
      by senior management - after all, they earned all
      this stuff. Rather, the costs cut would be operational
      and occasionally staffing at lower levels. The effect
      of that was to make the people who serve the field,
      and the field itself, work harder to do their jobs.
      Overtaxed departments were taxed even more. The theory
      translated into people working at their maximum
      inefficiency, further hampering operations.

    • i've known for years psg was ripping us off.
      buddy lucas, remember him, told us so. and also, when
      glenn hemerling was there he admitted that he had no
      control over psg. they reported directly to grandmet thru
      their cfo. guts and glory profit center, screw all
      others. they are like the post office. they need more
      money they just raise prices. us poor dumb slobs try to
      do it with a sale and service. when will we ever

    • Funny you mention that, because in the old
      before Cole, we ordered a drop ship frame from
      one of
      the major frame manufacturers. They
      made the
      mistake of including their billing
      invoice to Pearle.
      The markup was closer to 150% on that particular
      Around this time they had the Sebastiano 800
      that they
      listed for $16. Their head of
      distribution received that frame
      along with the $4.00
      invoice from a franchisee who ordered it from another
      source. Nothing changes.....

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