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  • mudpuddle mudpuddle Jul 6, 2012 9:35 AM Flag

    Lazy Europeans


    Philips takes vacations. Samsung works around the clock. Philips better hope that Samsung never gets into lighting or medical. Lazy Europeans have no work ethic.

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    • Yeah those crazy dutch that like living wages, and living life. Not working every minute of their life. Samsung, look into their bribery issues, etc etc. do you actually think they got all that shelf space seemingly over night, by being sweet? Mud, you must be a dope. Same for LG, who got their big display start as LG Philips, Philips seen LCD is not profitable, so now they moved on to OLED, the next thing in displays. O, and ALL my 5 Philips HDTV LCD have are are FLAWLESS one is probably now 7 years or so.Latest 55 inch about 6 months old LED back lit, fabulous. Not made in China, still out of Mexico P&F Inc Philips Funai. Check out SNE, yeah, that's well run, into the ABYSS goes Sony. Obviously the Dutch are always ahead of the market.

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    • That's why Germany and The NetherLands are two of the most productive countrys in the world, and high quality, not Chinese garbage. The head dude of Samsung found guilty of Bribery, is not jailed, Korean gov't decides he's special, no jail. In Germany some Siemens dudes did that they where fired jailed etc, German gov't maybe should start letting them stay free to compete against criminals? When legit company try to compete against criminals, it's impossible. They steal ideas, etc etc. When China comes marching across North America, keep shopping at Wal-Mart. Peckerhead. China is nobodys friend. Look out.

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    • The point is that this is an uncompetitive company. The businesses don't make sense. It should be split up and sold

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