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  • jcreamer007 jcreamer007 Jul 3, 2013 8:10 AM Flag

    Naked in a Plessey LED Factory

    Thu, 30th May 2013
    Barry Dennington, COO of Plessey Semiconductors

    Technology developed by Professor Colin Humphreys at Cambridge University has been liscensed to a company called Plessey, who have set up what is currently the UK’s only LED factory. Naked Scientist Dominic Ford hopped on a train to find out how the technology is being commercialized.....

    Dominic - To see Plessey’s facilities for myself, I'm heading to Plymouth to meet some of the people behind the venture. Hi, Dominic Ford from the Naked Scientists. I'm here to see Barry Dennington.

    Receptionist - Hi, that’s right Dominic. Come with me.

    Dominic - So, here at Plessey, you're bringing Colin Humphrey's technology into industry.

    Barry - That’s correct. So, Colin’s technology is the growth of gallium nitride on silicon and we are taking that technology and we’re scaling up to be able to build more than one wafer in a single reactor run, going into high volume production, so we’re leveraging the wafer size, the improved yield to get very cost competitive products out to the world market.

    Dominic - So, I think this is the first factory making LEDs on silicon in the UK. I guess we think a lot about electronic products being made in the far east. Can the UK’s manufacturing industry compete with that?

    Barry - Absolutely. The first thing is that we have a unique technology which is not available in Asia right now. So, that’s a breakthrough that’s disruptive for the LED market. Furthermore, it’s the machinery that creates the volume and we have the machinery here and the capacity to increase that machinery so that we can increase the volume.

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