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  • pauly37 pauly37 May 26, 1999 1:09 PM Flag

    Looking for Boontra's email address.

    does anyone have this info?

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    • you think you ain't buying a PHILIPS
      product....they have their technologly inside....they developed
      much of the DVD standards...aything optical disc,
      PHILIPS is in there...go to get royaltys from...EVERYTHING..they are the
      foundation for most of the stuff you use....even if the
      front label says, any other and learn

    • We in europe and azia are gratefull for the role
      america as fallen into since the 20`s. Though your role
      in korea and vietnam was afterwards labeled as
      wrong, it could be a paranoic-political afthershock of
      the TERRIFYING WOII,. we do know YOUR leaders mean
      well for the world.

      Even now in EUROPE the
      mighty weapens, plains and HELICOPTERS sent form the
      country, where once the APACHES, a proud nation lived, but
      systematicly etnicaly cleansed by FORMER EUROPEAN immigrants,
      will safe the poor people of kosovo of the same
      destiny the APACHES-people, with helicopters named after

      No life and history is full of irony for the people
      who can see it. (Un)fortuniatly the world is full of
      dumba`s like GUYWITHBRAIN and MR-ANTI.AMERICA,with a
      historical sence witch goes not futher as lostmonth value of
      the philips-stock.

      So a reques for the people
      WITH a BRAIN who are capeble of using them : DON`T
      waste yourtime(gaywithbrain) with checking your
      wortless stockportefolio everyday. I bet he has saved his
      christmas-bonus , mightbe a cool 1000$. and afraid off making
      less of it as he hoped because next year he planned to
      buy a new DVD-rw player, and i bet it isn`t PHILIPS .

    • Cus in teh U.S. space SHUTTLE and lots of new
      U>S fighters....the LCD display panels are PHILIPS
      units....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...ya' can't get away from P H I L I P S....P H I L I P
      S existed for a long long time before they ran from
      the NAZI'S and set up the PHILIPS trust to save the
      assets from seizure, that is how NORTHAMERICAN PHILIPS
      got was a business move of pure
      genius...the PHILIPS TRUST...from that it grew in
      NorthAmerica...till' all teh shares of NAP were bought back by the NV
      PHILIPS and it is now totaly Dutch controlled....they
      were pretty slick businessmen...back then in the 20's
      and 30's.....would that Hamburger be fried on a
      NORELCO electric fry pan?...or the fry daddy....also for
      the war X-RAY diffraction was developed, by PHILIPS
      and teh U.S. government to analyze xtals for
      radio's...they pioneered much in the line of analytical
      X-ray...can you say goniometer ?....I thought not....can you
      say sealed x-ray tube development.....rotating
      anodes..invented for the medical x-ray the 20's.....and
      why are they called French fries if it is an american

    • <<...without US shareholder interest his
      company ain't worth d-ck like all the rest of the
      ridiculous Amsterdam Stock Exchange...

      Hahahaha! You Stupide Amerikans! You sinck that just
      because you eat ham-bergers and fly in space shuddles
      that you are superior.

      A hundred years ago when
      our people were using knives and forks, your people
      were wearing animale skins and eating with thier

    • More importantly, however, people are suing over at Unilever? Who are the strike suit lawyers? Let's get it's payback time!!!

    • Now I'm not a tax lawyer, but I know this - It's
      NOT non-taxable.

      Best case it's capital gains,
      in which case you pay 20% (or whatever) of the
      amount above your basis. I don't know how you calculate
      your proportional share of your basis; I guess it
      would be something like $65 (or whatever the
      seize-price was) minus your basis per share for 2/25ths of
      your presplit holdings.

      Worst case it's
      ordinary income,as a dividend, taxable at 39.5%.

    • the_ground_hog_and_the_fox the_ground_hog_and_the_fox Jun 11, 1999 8:26 AM Flag

      It looks like this can be considered as a return of capital, and therefore no US tax. If you are game you can even try going for a loss: you got a $95.00 or so share and only got $ 60.00 for it.

    • Sorry if you don't find that useful: at the
      Unilever board, it takes a while to wade through the
      insults to find facts.
      The upshot is, some
      shareholders have filed suit over the Unilever 'seizeback'
      more commonly known as a reverse split; the basic
      argument is, why not just buy the shares back on the open
      market and let people choose whether they want to take
      gains now or later (i.e. determine their own taxes
      consequences). Here's the relevant passage from Philips' website
      about the taxes on the Philips buyback.

      each existing ordinary share surrendered, repayment of
      NLG 9.07 will be made as from 31 May 1999. This
      repayment of capital will not be subject to Dutch
      withholding tax. Shareholders who are indoubt as to their tax
      provision are advised to consult their own tax


    • I don't want to say a lot more about the tax
      issue because I don't understand it. There's a
      long-running debate about a similar 'seize back' at Unilever
      -- if you want information, you might start
      Guy With Brain: you'll like this guy Mike who posts

      NB There is a big difference between Philips and
      Unilever tho: The Philips deal definitely benefited all
      shareholders, just a question of how much. Unilever share price
      apparently fell so far investors actually lost money...

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