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  • milberg_weiss_esq milberg_weiss_esq Dec 8, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    Sale Coming Soon

    Sale Coming soon

    Use some common sense here. It will never take until June. Piper was hired long before conference call. They waited to announce it so not to #$%$ the reps. Now that they announced it they will close a deal asap so not to #$%$ the reps again! I feel sorry for those that don't have the patience. You will kick yourself when this one hits soon. And for all you know the China clearance might get announced before sale allowing for double pop.

    The Piper conference says it all. If lazy and you don't want to hear Mark pitch potential acquirers throughout the presentation (and remind ZLTQ they have nothing in product diversity compared to SLTM), you only need to listen to the last 2 minutes of the webcast presentation (found on company website). They even had to cut him off rather abruptly based on him probably saying too much. They cut him off after he said he did not know if they would stay around under the Solta name or under some one else's umbrella. "From a standpoint Solta is always going to be there, the products are always going to be there, its a strong product line, and the need to sell that product line will continue whether under the Solta name or under some one else's umbrella."

    Obagi was able to keep their name under the Valeant umbrella. Like Obagi, buyers have had their eyes on Solta like Voce said in both cases and they know the company well enough to move quickly.

    "As for timing of a deal, we talked about it on the call that we hired Piper, so I really don't have anything for you until something comes out. You can look at history to figure out how long it typically takes the process to work through."

    Just so you know, Obagi announced on conference call they would explore alternatives, and they were gone 2 months later. We are already past that because Piper has been on it for several months. I say deal is imminent and would not risk trying to time it.

    Also said again how reps are looking to come back to Solta base

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