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  • pappaface pappaface Dec 17, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    Higher bid coming???

    Matusow was spot on SLTM being taken over. Now he says there might be a higher bid from ZLTQ maybe, Opinions? is it gonna be ZLTQ or another co.? ZLTQ looks like a cashless turd to me unless they want to print paper to pay with.....

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    • I think I read that there is a $9 million break up fee if SLTM takes a different offer. I have NO idea if this is totally correct as I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on tv. Anyway, the initial thoughts were that SLTM would be worth $4 to $5 a share. After the last quarter that is probably too high. 2.92 has the market cap at 237 million. Add the 9 million breakup fee, and the question is would somebody else pay 246 million or more to get the assets. The original thinking was it would go for 300 million. To get that would be a 3.69 share price. Too optimistic I think, but if ZLTQ needs soltas assets, even to keep them away from a competitor, I don't know why they wouldn't offer 250 to 270 million. It's an absolute no brainer if they think they can market and sell the products to recoup the initial cost and turn it into long term profits.