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  • ccpub ccpub Apr 28, 2006 7:56 PM Flag


    YES, it should split. Stock was only at $54.82 back in June '99. I better keep my day job as I thought it would split back around Aug/Sept '04. Better 20 months later than wait a total of seven years, right?

    With only 5,700 (approx.) total CFR shareholders, be nice to add some more folks to the mix. Help keep interest up in this highly profitable long term stock and help make a market. Who knows, maybe BIGGER Banks such as CBSS even read this small CFR List!

    (P.S. I would appreciate more than a 3rd. grade response (i.e. - newby777), but I'm afraid this CFR List WILL NOT be so lucky!)

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    • Hey, ccpub...what are you insulting newby777 for? What has he done to you, pal?
      Does he need to "consider the source?"

    • Well authorized shares just increased from 90 million to 210 million at the shareholders meeting. That would be a good sign of a split. Outstanding shares are about 50 million so they couldn't do a split before this increase.

      The 5,700 shareholders represent registered shareholders in street name (i.e. Scottrade would be one shareholder but there may be many people with accounts at Scottrade who hold shares of CFR - this is pretty common with non-certificated shares).

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