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  • lpstone13 lpstone13 Feb 21, 2008 10:52 AM Flag

    Now we think unsecured or limited coll'lized loans are immune..good luck!

    Alot of investors hiding in this bank because of the lack of residential real estate exposure...when actually, comm. real estate and straight c & i loans are by far the least i can come get the cant go get accounts receivables/inventory and equipment unless you want to sell them for pennies on the dollar...this is the most cyclical bank in Texas...look at the credit issues the last recession back in the early 2000's...they are just getting over that....these are the next banks to get hit over the next year - one's with commerical exposure and tied to the economy.

    And I think the insiders agree that its time to get out while you stil can....they are selling stock hand over fist...and its also interesting to note that all of the banks profit growth over the past couple of years has come from draining the loan loss reserve from close to 2% down to 1.19%....seems they have have the TCBI syndrome...and when you have to play catch up once credit's not fun.

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