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  • fstout57 fstout57 Apr 5, 2011 2:17 PM Flag

    Xtreme Technologies

    You do know that this company was a scam under the name Xtreme Technologies don't you? I was one of the suckers who bought in and sent copies of corresponding e-mails to support the case in which the scammer was sent to jail. I received an e-mail around 6 months ago that the guy was released from jail and now resides in Arizona. I doubt I will ever get my money back but all my shares were lowered to a total of 5. I was a fool to read and fall for this penny stock but we will see what happens to this. I would not put any more money into this company as I learned the hard way. This is public information and can be checked out with the courts and reading news about Xtreme Technologies. I have had this stock for years. Anyone else out there that knows what I am talking about?

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    • So where is the fraud? There litigating collectibility on a note.

      Big deal...... It sounds to me like you are intenionally trying to scam investors or scare them into selling in an effort to drive the price down further.

      Oh shame on you. If you can show fraud from any of the existing officers of the company show it.

      Anyone can post irrelevant bullcrap....

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      • Why is it that the officers in this company have numerous businesses that they owned; many are out of business and bankrupt after changing names several times. Take for instance Roger Wurtele. Is he the same man that owned Bidder Communications and changed the name to Netcentives (NCNT) and went banko losing all the investors money? The stock traded at $80.00 Dec. of 1999 and by Sept. of 2001 it was at .02. Wow, these guys are good-AND THEY ALL KNOW EACH OTHER. The news is all over the internet. You think I am trying to talk this stock down? I wouldn't touch it if it went to a screaming buy to one penny, because that's where it's headed. You know as well as I do. . .

    • Willard G. McAndrew the third of New York

      District Judge was Gerald E Lynch Jan 23, 2007

      EETC-Energy and Engine Tech (EETC)

      Longview Equity Fund v Willard G. McAndrew the third (defendant)

    • You believed my bio. You think I'm from Washington. There's more names in this company than the one you mentioned. Guess you haven't done your homework.

    • name one fact about McAndrews the CEO. He's running the company and has been for since I got involved.

      If you can show me something fraudulent with him, then I'll listen. Until then, your posts have an alternative motivation.

      You are not so naive as to believe an anonymous bio.

    • You say you have know these guys for 6 years. Your bio says you are 21, meaning that you have known them since you were 15. Great, then you must know who was involved with Raven Biofuels formerly known as Auto Photo Tech. Who owned Raven?
      We'll see just how good you are. The reason all these stocks were known as several other companies is so the SEC has a hard time following all of this. These scams are going on in every state and even Canada with numerous names of the owners. Very hard to track each one down, which is smart for the moneymakers. You can always put me on ignore and receive none of these facts.

    • Well thank you for being such a do gooder. I happen to know these people personally, so it's hard to get any more familiar.

      With Xtreme it's all about exploiting their asset base, not people.

    • One last thing. It does not matter if anyone is or is not tied to this company. I want you to click on "Key Statistics" and read that their cash flow, gross profit, return on equity, etc. are all minus. Return on assets MINUS 51.21% Return on equity MINUS 301.10% If there gross profit is MINUS 152.06K and the value of the company is 89K, do the math. Even their quarterly growth is -74.80% but hey, you are loyal to the end. Can't blame you for that. Good luck, I'm off this board. Just hope enough people read the facts before they jump in.

    • Check out the links to the CFO and ties to Petony Enterprises. Also a staff of 1-4. John Petony publishes the and recommended MCVE,IFXY,VIPI,BGMO,CRYE,FLPC,BONU,BGMO and numerous others. Look at all the financial history and stock messages from the poor investors who lost their money. This is all the same type of scam. Stick to well known companies is all I am saying or you will lose with the rest of them. The only way to make any money on these is if you buy before they are able to hype the stock and sell along with them. Otherwise you are left holding the bag. You can check out some of the CFO's on each board and type in their name to research if they have been involved with scams before. Many have and they all have excuses, but some have served time before. Lots of New York money.

    • The only scam here is that you are a disgruntled stupid investor who is pissed because they lost their money in a technology scam years ago and now you want to spread your misery here.

      The truth is you don't know anything about these assets, how they came to be, and their potential value. If you want to hold an intelligent conversation then lets deal with the facts as they are today. Not how you made mistakes in the past.

      Not one person who was involved in your investment is around today. No one is trying to scam anyone here. I just prefer to deal with the facts at present and not your bloviated approach to trying to out shout everyone about your problems.

      omg....... that is so childish.

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      • Do you think $800.00 is going to break me up. I have over 1/2 mill in the market. I just didn't want anyone else getting scammed on this. In 2004 I bough 2800 shares at 30 cents. That amount of this company turned into 5 shares which I still hold. Now that's one hell of a reverse stock split. By the way, in Sept. of 2004 is when Burk owned this company and tried to but failed to find private equity. He could not find anyone so he decided to sell shares of the company through a scammer named Palamo. Palamo had a prior criminal background for the same actions, but they dealt with him anyway. When this whole thing broke loose, Burk had no comment. This is how I now own $3.00 worth of this stock. This $800.00 loss is peanuts. I have been retired since age 39 because of the stock market gains and smart real estate investments. I have been investing since 1987 and only got caught two bad ones. The other was a bio tech. Do you think everyone was stupid investing with Bernie? I did not invest, but there were plenty of smart people who believed the stories and financial reports just as Xtreme Technologies. Maddof is in jail but is not getting off as easy as the two convicted in this stock. That's really all I have to say. All of this is fact and you can look it up through the courts records. I still have the judge's name that I forwarded my info to if you would like me to look it up in my files. Let me know.

    • OMG-My shares are worthless. There's no change. I knew I was dealing with ignobility after I received a response of STFU on one of your posts. No legitimate investor would show such lack of professionalism. The amateur dialogue reads like a theatrical performance use to lure the trust of the weak. Seems the only thing real here is the art of the scam. Eventually with the spin of each new story, the truth is exposed and the scandal revealed.

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