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  • fazizle fazizle Oct 16, 2012 11:59 PM Flag

    Affirmative action did xerox in

    Too many incompetent people promoted into management because they were black or gay.

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    • I seen it all.Many promoted after being unable to make it as techs. One even failed school in Leesburg and was made FSM in order to keep him. He is a nice guy for sure ,but would sleep in the car on field trips ask anyone in Chicago and they will probably know his name. I will not say names. I actually liked the guy.

    • No, it was more along gender lines than race. The corporate HR lady made it clear 10 years ago that there was an enormous push to get more women into management. And this definitely occurred. Being a racial minority helped too, of course. Technical competence didn't matter as every engineer/scientist knows these days. You can start with Ursula and work down -- upper management at XRX is littered with women with appallingly poor technical skills.

      Those women who ARE competent must be shocked at this selection process. Hiring by quota gives everyone in that category a bad name.

      But it doesn't matter these days. Its all hit the fan, just look at the stock price. XRX needs to dump its past policies that got it here. Yes, they need a new CEO and staff, but they have to be competent, not winners of some quota bias.

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      • my manger, a xerox black belt, was making $100k, as a band B... no degree... started as a call center supervisor and treated all her professional employees like they were hi-turnover people in the call center.. no knowledge of what they did, and no knowledge how to manage people.. supervising is different from managing... she was so bad... I personally got physically sick having to speak to her... no one of my co-workers had any respect for her... she was pretty typical

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      • XRX is littered with incompetent #$%$. This company will be gone is less than 5 years.

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