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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Nov 15, 2012 12:15 PM Flag


    $12 BY FRIDAY???????? I DON'T BELIEVE. BLOW big X, bye bye.

    Insanity is to be admired on occasion but our lunatic poster is beyond gone now.

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    • From time to time, I get a chance to say a few words on here. Been a while. I do see folks who post every day. I just rarely post.

      while a lad growing up in rochester ( been my home some 52 years now ), I used to see the Mighty Xerox stock numbers on the evening news, and thought of my dad doing his best to make that number better. As time spooled along, it became apparent that the number never got lower than 5 and never grew more than 25. As I got older and college and jobs showed up, We all saw the stock rise up to 60. My dads reaction was telling.

      "They must be doing something wrong. Copying never makes that much money."

      They were. they were using grand unified cash theory on corporate revenue, thus inflating a stock price beyond any reasonable value. We all saw and lived thru the result.

      So now we have a company, that is struggling to get its act together. Internal systems to perform revenue gathering and audits are steadily rebuilt, priorities and successes examined and directed to improve revenue on a shrinking market share. That is -- downsize the company to fit its income. It is not innovation or re-invention -- it is retreat. Retreat to a business model that can be made to work long enough to retire the execs who need it to buff up the escape accounts. And so it goes. With layoffs whispered as well as told ( not all layoffs are announced ), only time will tell what happens to the magic place Chester and Joe built

      As xerox had a low boundary then, we may expect it to have one now. I am hoping its at 6 again. As for an upper boundary, this is no longer clear. 12 may be what our hopeful and possibly delusional marketsoul is hoping for, But I would hazard the guess that it will be 10.

      We have an economy near major jeopardy, a Parasite President, continuing challenges bring jobs home to our shores, and problems aplenty in a large number of other sectors. One cannot expect lack of foresight to somehow yield a success.

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