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  • Claim_Digger Claim_Digger Mar 30, 2011 11:20 PM Flag

    Sea Change

    There has been a sea change in the political climate over the past couple of months regarding schools that portends great things for K12.

    1. The caps on the number of charter schools allowed in many states are going to be lifted as the states look for ways to educate students more effectively. Detroit is looking to change many of its schools to charters.

    2. States that do not allow K12 to operate yet are going to change their minds. K12 is only allowed in about 1/2 of the states now.

    3. Teachers unions, the main roadblock to educational reform (and charters), are now on the defensive everywhere and are rightfully being exposed for the hindrance to reform they are. They have no answer for the poor state of the schools other than to shovel more money to them. The states are broke and are looking for other options.

    4. Vouchers are making a comeback as Indiana is passing a voucher law that will be the biggest voucher experiment in the nation. Wisconsin is also expanding their program. Opponents (the usual union hacks) are terrified as vouchers have been extremely popular whenever they have been tried (DC, Milwaukee, etc.) If they prove to be successful they will spread like wildfire as they cut the total cost of education to the pubic at the expense of the teachers union (private schools are not unionized). It is not clear yet if K12 can be used perhaps by a homeschooler with a voucher but I see no logical reason why not.

    5. Homeschooling continues to make inroads and is expanding.

    6. Distant learning is becoming mainstream. The efficiencies are obvious.

    I fully expect that LRN, now a billion dollar market cap company, will steadily climb and become a multi-billion dollar company within a couple of years. The above trends are only going to accelerate that growth.


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