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  • livermore1929 livermore1929 Mar 22, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    The stock was under a short shop attack yesterda

    "They" put out the RED FLAG report below, it was put out yesterday but they somehow changed the date to read today, I wonder if they'll do the same tomorrow?

    What these scammers do is to find a stock that is faltering, short it and then put out a "research report"

    They did the exact same thing with SIMO and drove it down 15% in days; they did it with focus media in November making 40% in a day. They did it with QCOR and PM recently. They usually attack small stocks, PM was an exception.

    A different small shop, same tactics, the reason to sell it is always out of thin air, the goal is to start a stampede.

    Don’t worry, they’re just trying to keep up with the crookedness of the big stock shops that hype up whatever they can and tell people to think long term, hell today they brought another “cloud play” public, recently they brought out “social media” IPO’s, it never ends.

    I was working at Merrill Lynch in 1999 when Merrill brought out at 357, what, you’ve never heard of the company? That’s because it went to zero in 18 months.

    Take it from a value investor, the standard measures of valuation never change, the names of the suckers and suckers stocks, they change often.

    Smbol(s): TWIN
    Date: 22-Mar-12
    Contributor: New Constructs, LLC
    Title: TWIN: Red Flags Review: Forensic Analysis and Valuation
    Document Size: 13 pages
    Price: $25
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