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  • greendog03 greendog03 Apr 20, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    So hear we stand with a 6.5 percent gain today

    Does today's move mean anything? Probably means as much as the stock going down yesterday by the same percentage

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    • and again today..this stock defies logic...alll the news is good... Nat Gas is at a bottom...and still lots of fracking...Oil at all time high for exploration...true big pleasure boats are down...but the earnings are a WOW... and a p/e of 7.8...this defies logic...

      anyone ?

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      • I've got lots and lots of stocks like this...maybe not quite as extreme, but similar stories. Low P/E, potentially slowing (stagnant) growth, market pricing as if we are in the start of a downward cycle. It doesn't appear to be industry specific. Then again, maybe I just own really crappy stocks in all sorts of industries

        It just seems like a lot of small/mid cap co's peaked back in February or so and have been straight down since

    • and it's, that was fast. Market is pretty ugly

      I have a lot more of TWIN than I was wanting to hold for tomorrow. Good luck to us all

    • sarahfeldkamp Apr 20, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

      How does all after market actvity sell in a similar price range and then right at 17:00 we fall to $22.18 with one little sale. Is the market makers?

      After Hours
      Time (ET) After Hours
      Price After Hours
      Share Volume 17:00 $ 22.18 100 16:32 $ 23.42 406 16:10 $ 23.2546 100 16:03 $ 23.2462 100 16:02 $ 23.40 951 16:00 $ 23.42 197

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      • pat141 Apr 21, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

        What an absolute joke the after hours trading was. Friday afternoon nobody around, we trade 1700 shares at the regular close and 100 shares prints at the end down exactly the days gain of $1.24. 1 print 1 sale of 100shs down $1.24. Do you think the seller could have gotten a higher price then or even Mon.? Please don't get frightened by this BS manipulation, but please do get mad and get even. Here I sit in Racine,WI. Born & raised 70 yrs. ago. I own over 40,000 shares with well over half purchased in the last 6mos. I have known the company and known the Batten family for most of my 70 years. The value of the company has recently been more than cut in half. IT"S OVERSOLD! I don't know what this quarter is going to be, but I do know a hell of a lot of bad news has been priced in & the shorts know how to work a low float stock. That 100 shares had a purpose, I for one will be in their face come Monday (really in surgery)with a standing order. This is a well run great company that my children & grandchildren will own well after I'm pushing up daisies. Do yourself a favor; fight back & buy a 100 or more on Monday. Have a nice weekend & good luck from Racine on a sunny Sat.! I have the beautiful pleasure of going to our grand daughter's First Communion today. What a great day.
        Prostate surgery Mon. not so great.

    • Greed, Fear and Stupidity....three emotions that drive the markets...
      This company has xlnt products..I used to sell their products back in the 70's...
      The stock has been cut in more then half by short sellers...for no valid reason other then a 1 qtr. miss...dividend is secure... YES...there is a slowdown in the making...china hard landing is a definite possibility...BUT as afar as TWIN...just have a bit more patience... it is a good old USA company with excellent quality products with a secure dividend...and on any uptick in biz...stock is back into mid 30's..

    • i will feel better if it doesn't rollover into close as it has recently everyday it's had a nice day.

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