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  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 31, 2012 12:21 PM Flag

    Smarter pro SHORTS use every PHONY burp in QRM to RESHORT, to the max


    This established BEARISH trading pattern in the forever pathetic rare earth jokes has been occurring for more than a year now, and you can still make a nice sweeeeeet $$$ score buying in the money PUTS in any of these dying rare earth penny junk jokes.

    The 2.00 in the money PUTS will make gains of 300%, at least, as this sick thing ends up in the PINK SHEETS, and you can buy in the money PUTS in all other dying rare earths and make equally huuuuuuuuge percentage gains...or you can write tons of out of the money calls (the 2.00 written calls can be written on a naked basis with effectively little to no risk). GIven that the rare earths are all fatally wounded by all technical measures, you can effectively take short positions on a purely naked basis without one speck of fear --- and maximum leverage can be utilized too, given the genuinely awful technicals in every rare earth doggie you can name.

    In all BEAR markets, each and every puny gain is typically ERASED in a day or two at most, and typically within mere HOURS. THAT is the very nature of the BEAR, and every day proves rare earths to be in a vicious BEAR that will see most fail before it ends.

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