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  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 31, 2012 4:41 PM Flag

    QRM penny junk now valued at $75 million market cap = LOL LOL LOL


    Hell, I know several restaurants in New York city that, each alone, have greater land value than the QRM penny junk market cap.

    What a joke! LOL LOL LOL

    Tried to warn amateur dupes that ALL rare earths (even that preposterous MCP superbubble) are doomed doomed doomed. You must admit I am 100% CORRECT, huh, and that's what's known as intellectual superiority and experience, the kinds of traits you rarely find on Wall Street, given that most fund/investment bank managers are no-talent inherited money boobs, typically having obtained useless ivy league degrees that any monkey could earn, assuming they had the rich daddy to help them.

    I have NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER seen any stock drop 90% + and recover thereafter. It's effectively IMPOSSIBLE, repeat, IMPOSSIBLE, and that is why ALL rare earth equities are fatally wounded, at this point, without exception, since the typical rare earth penny junk stock is trading 90% or more BELOW all time highs.

    As I warned, in a BEAR market, stocks ALWAYS IGNORE "good" news, only pay attention to bad news. Even a "doubling" of alleged rare earth in the ground did NOTHING to sustain PHONY am gains today.

    Finally, take note of this BEAR market trading pattern of the sick rare earths: ALL morning gains are typically SUCKER moves that are ERASED by close of the day, often within mere HOURS.

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