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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 22, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Smart advice mailed to friends and relatives re: QRM penny junk and DYING rare earths


    It is an understatement to state that my SMART advice sent more than a year ago to friends and relatives pertaining to FATALLY WOUNDED rare earths, golds, and silvers has made me a hero in their eyes, and deservedly so. They drown me in love on a daily basis and it is the reward for GENIUS advice that I provided them in the past and continue to provide them today.

    Meanwhile, ladies, I stand firm with respect to one forecast I made more than a year ago concerning the FATALLY WOUNDED rare earth sector:

    do NOT close out a single rare earth SHORT or near term rare earth PUT until they ALL trade on the PINK SHEETS at prices BELOW 10 CENTS per share....repeat...ALL of them!

    That this will happen is a TECHNICAL CERTAINTY -- and although some might think I am being "greedy" in standing by this forecast, I do not consider it greed to delay the closing of these smart SHORT positions....rather I consider it to be simply the proper and rational maximization of SHORT profits.

    The only way in which the DYING rare earths will avoid the PINK SHEETS, sooner than later, will be via REVERSE splits....however, as every SMART market vet knows, a REVERSE split merely delays the INEVITABLE.....and in this case, that will be the total wipe out of QRM penny junk equity

    Ladies, I am a trading GENIUS and you ignore my predictions at risk to your sinking bank accounts, or haven't you figured that out yet???



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