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  • mkyhhd mkyhhd Aug 31, 2005 11:40 AM Flag

    Where have all the whinners gone?


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    • glad to see them gone...RM was certainly wrong and leading the anti Maolone group...he said stock would trade between 46 to 48 till fall.. the thing I didnt like was how arrogant and certain they were.. I learned humility from being a stock broker.. Dont know how to view the C shares and the 14 3.4 convertible preferred they have... will they force conversion? dont know the terms or why the rate is so high?? I just trust in Malone... good luck all..

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      • I am usually the contrarian regarding trading this stock so, yoou should know how willing I am (history should be enough indication) that I am not at all concerned about disagreeing with the majority on this board. However, Sam, You are a fucking idiot! it would be best if you simply offered yourself to the old man and be done with it!!!
        I am happy to see the stock last!
        But you are just a sheep in the flock...stay there and let the wolves guide you.
        You would be a good little diaper rash to Malone...enjoy your time and dont forget to where a condom! (not that Malone would give a shit!)

      • Sam unfortunately for you I still read this board and still own LBTYA and am very long. What I will not be doing is getting into arguments or posting analysts reports on this board any longer. That will be for the private board.

        FYI- a very large fund that is to remain nameless started accumulationg shares on monday they are looking for 3 million shares.

        Good thing for your humility....oh btw I booted you off the private board not that you care since we are all anti malone whiners

      • Sam what do you know other than tooting your own horn and Malone's? stick to posting on the LIBERTY board you retard! UCOMA was 10.20 alomost 2 years ago it's 10.78 right now!!!!! WOW thank god we merged with LBTYA!!!!! Shut up you old fool!

      • dude your on drugs. Save your excitement for $60 where we should have been months ago!!!!!

      • Sammy nobodies gone anywhere! Just hoping you will! Loser!!!!!!!!

        Sammy take on New Orleans..."well many of the homes are now Ocean front so they should see substantial appreciation in their value.....What is everybody whining about it's only water...water is good ...very tasty!!!

      • You have humility? Sam blow it out your #$%$ THe stock is up 1% today let's not wet our pants! It's people like you that ruin a stock! If you had access to the private message board which you don't RM recommended buying April 06 calls which I happened to do and they are up 18% in one day. Also he said it would trade between 46-49 until september...Well tomorrow is Sept 1 and that is preety #$%$ close enough for me. Also UCOMA is trading premerger at $10.88 at the current price of $50.44 if you remember we all wanted over $11 for our shares well 9 months later we still aren't even there and JCOM is doing nothing not one acquistion.

        There is nothing done by this company so far that could not have been done under UCOMA and if you think without the merger we would be substantially lower than you are a jack#$%$ You are one actually either way.

        Let's all wet our panties like Sam some of us expect this company to be over $60 by now but Sam was beaten as a child he takes what ever table scraps he can get.

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