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  • ipvisionary ipvisionary Sep 30, 2005 9:53 AM Flag

    Isnt Cablecom tremendous news???

    I would have expected tons of coverage.....and high volume....and share price increase (over time)

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    • The fact that the stock has gone up so quickly only confirms that it was stolen for cheap. All these deals could have went forward without the merger. Sam makes it seem like UCOMA was BK or something. Dude this is old news!!!!! UCOMA has proven by the price swing it is a very valuable asset. If you think he paid fair value then the stock is now overpriced which way is it old man? For the last time we don't question Malone ability to get deals done we question whether we were compensated fairly. I know this is ahrd concept to grasp for an old timer but get a grip.

    • >any offer for UGC would have to be fair and meet approval of an independent commitee<

      And you know what? It WAS approved by the independent directors. That's why Herb's lawsuit didn't have any chance whatsoever. Total lack of merit. Frivolous, But most of all: extremely stupid. Failure to state a cause of action. He was fooled by his lawyer. What a pathetic lawsuit.

    • Not true. We were long holders, who were told by managment that any offer for UGC would have to be fair and meet approval of an independent commitee. The offer was about $1.25 under fair value.. Old news.. let's move foward. What happy family now..

    • Malone is suddenly a hero??? And all those losers who tried sueing Malone for the UCOMA merger and had only negative thoughts...They all threatened to sell.. wish they all had..Malone is the genius here not the OLD posters....since they were wrong before they only insult others to deflect attention to their mistakes...

    • And what a heroic increase of their "target price" to $32

      Why you make this comment on the heals of a deal that adds 2 million RGUs $500 under what current cable customers are valued at in the market. malone stole another one.

      Question: What will be the impact of the Telent IPO. I suspect the wind is out of it's sale because Malone essentially devalued the Telenet IPO with the cablecom deal. No doubt in my mind that the Telenet investors are calling the Malone to get what they can now. This is a huge deal and prefectly timed. No one could have done it better..

    • me thinks it takes a brain to think

    • me thinks you might be right that FROG is THAI

    • >WTF is up with you? <
      WTF is up with you? You're saying I suggested a link between the "upgrade" and the Cablecom deal. I didn't. Get your facts straight before you start yelling like your uneducated underpriviliged dyslectic friends.

      Funny that you're asking whether I'm short, while daytrading ratman and his two slaves accuse me of being Malone's spokesman.

    • The guy is just a prick probably doesn't even own the stock. If your short he tells you the company is awesome and that you are a whiner...if you are long and talk about good news he rips it apart. He just wants attention. That is why he rips RM all the time becuase he gets the attention that Frog craves. I think it is probably that ahole Thai who lost his shirt in UPC and is still pissed they both speak dutch and use many of the same phrases.

    • Stifel.. Today's upgrade was because of the removal of the holding company discount. They have not added cablecom to the model yet.

      Are you short? WTF is up with you?

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