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  • h22jdh2001 h22jdh2001 Oct 13, 2005 7:00 PM Flag


    Why all the insider trades at the same time? Any thoughts? Do you think that they are about to leverage LGI in a way that would warrant insiders taking the action that they did.


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    • ...We just can't decide "you" we like best!!!,...

      Maybe do some more of the Stevie material or about living around wealthy people...

      That is gold Irv....

    • He obviously meant liquid net worth asshole. Sam just shut up you bring nothing to the table but pompous bragging, ass kissing of malone and JCOM links. Grow up and go take ride to venice beach. RM is right we should be pissed that CEo and CFO are unloading the stock especially all on the sameday. Last year UCOMA execs were one of the highest rewarded execs among all public companies. They all have zillions in stock options. Sorry I don't feel bad becuase they should diversify.

    • Sam once again there is a reply button I know it's tough to teach old dogs new tricks but when you reply people can see what the other person wrote there is link! Understand? Maybe you'll get it someday. I know its tough sending emails from your commodore 64 but get with the program. By owning three business doesn't mean running....and most of my business is online where I am 5-6 days aweek. I tried to be reasonable with you in the past even invited you to the PB. You are back on ignore....even frog has 10 times more worthy information than you even though is a ahole!
      My purpose for the rant is for execs of this company to think twice before selling their shares again especially the CEO and CFO and trust me they reads this board!!!! They have even admitted it. There are loans available and or hedging techniques which everyone uses to allow them not to have to sell.

    • Sam I am happy for you but I own plenty of real estate which unlike you I don't feel the need to brag about. And I own 3 companies. I am also on the BOD for a company recently featured on the science of stars wars on the discovery channel. Well maybe if you spent more time with your "companies" you wont have to waste your time here... You said " have a very large portion of my net worth in this company"... well then your real estate and 3 companies cant be very big..RM you just are not creditable to me. It seems you are obsessed with LBTYA..too bad.. maybe the rain is getting you need a vacation... its really nice to be retired..why are you running your 3 companies you own??? maybe that would be a better use of your time.. cause you are doing no good here.. ciao..your private board misses you...

    • A beginers course in logic is that the CEO AND CFO don't sell shares especially on or near the same day!!!! You are a jackass!

      The market speaks and says you are full of shit as usual!!!!!

    • ?????

    • For someone claiming (in #843) "it doesn't mean anything to me" you appear to be extremely emotional. My god, you have written 10 posts this morning (none of them having any substance) not counting the private board where you continue to violate Lehman Brothers' intellectual property rights (you will hear from their attorneys).

      You can't compare these guys will Bill Gates. Another example of your sloppy analysis. Bill Gates' counterpart at LBTYA would be John Malone. You may have noticed he is not selling.

      What does the decision by these guys to spread their risk have to do with who is paying for their options? How is that relevant. You should really take a beginners course in logic.

      BTW: if you made so much money, why are you still sitting at the phone selling crappy morgages to miserable people?

    • Hey post the picture of you with no shirt on that was really good for alugh with everyone here at the office!!!!

    • Hey RM alteast you have his IP address since he went to your website.

    • YO Aspen,

      It's good stuff, how about some stock recommendations?

      Do the story again about seeing famous people in bars,

      Thats a Classic!!!

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