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  • ysettle14 ysettle14 Jun 7, 2012 7:13 PM Flag

    Selling ARP versus Buying ATLS

    some guy on the ARP board who nailed the trade last month to buy ARP and short ATLS is now recommending to reverse the trade. ARP seems like a pretty easy short up here - just comparing it to other LP's in the nat gas space

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    • Yep probably had some pretty good info.JMO

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      • Why would you be shorting stocks that pay out large distributions? You pay the distribution when your short.

        ATLS is a long term investment if you believe that we will continue to develop NG in this country AND that APL is geographically well placed to see increasing volumes.

        ARP is all about NG and if you believe NG prices will rebound over the next couple of years then its a decent place to put money. Keep in mind that they are likely to make more purchases and today we don't know what those will be nor the terms. Nor do we know what NG prices will be in 2-3 years.

        I've kept my ARP shares from the spin-off. If I were going to invest more in the APL/ARP/ATLS I'd wait to see if things fall apart this summer due to political nonsense and European fears. If both those happen we could see APL down to the $25 range and ARP under $20. Then I'd consider buying them. Otherwise I'd go for the long term growth and take ATLS and the IDR's.

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