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  • nevgreco nevgreco Jan 8, 2007 10:30 AM Flag

    Well Well Well..and a big big thanks

    for the person that has made it possible for American Wagering to have a message board on the great YAHOO..In Greek "Yiasou" means hello, so there is a great simililarity...Thanks again to everyone...Nevgreco, Greeek89147,...You will see me often on this board but with some misspelled words,,being that I am a senior...Thanks VegasValue for bringing this to our attention..This is the start of something new...We must also go and support the Raging Bull Board..because they were there when no one else cameforward....

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    • I see we have a message board now. Yippee! I'm sure some of the people on the IGT board will appreciate us being gone. Good luck to all and I'm waiting for my shares/limit orders to see some action.

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      • All I can add is that Vic Salerno our CEO and Bob SMith who is in charge of Leroy's are very very busy people, going here and there and doing this and that...They are not just sitting on their hind end....Oh, everyweek here in Vegas, Gaming Today has a contest as to what Sports Book boss of all the Casinos has the best picks of Pro. Football teams and our Bob SMith is at the top...No matter what their picks are not more the 49%, so they do not make a living betting Sports..Our Sturgeons Casino in Lovelock, Nevada is up and coming and new carpets etc. have been done..They have a web sight..The Kiosks that BETM has, takes your picture, gives you an ID number and you can place any sport you want also horse racing..and if you have money coming the bartender will pay you...A Kiosk is for the small Taverns that there is not that much action for a live ticket seller...take care...We are going to be receiving some horse tips from some good handicappers....

    • This is a big deal for Yahoo to take on OTC stocks with message boards. I suspect Raging Bull will fade away fast if this sticks.

      So we mark time with BETM until the clouds part...

      Good to see you here, Greek. Now the guys on the IGT board will only have you telling them to come here, so they won't have to complain about your "spam." Hehe!