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  • nevgreco nevgreco Feb 12, 2007 4:01 PM Flag

    Opinion only::::Nevgreco...

    When Vic and Racsin came to an understanding that AWI would come out of the bankruptcy and that Vic and Racusin would let the court decide a decision on their mutuel case...the stock of AWI was only 15 to 20 cents...Now Racusin and Vic started to buy the shares and that brought the stock up over $2.00 a share....I believe that the shares being sold piece by piece is Racusin so as to keep the stock price down....AWI or BETM at one time was $6.00 a share and I have the proof of that....So I feel it is Racusin selling to keep the price down...My opinion so this is no inside information....Why would he want to keep the price down? ? Vic still has his shares and other insiders bought shares I am sure that Racusin bought some for his case...