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  • nevgreco nevgreco Feb 20, 2007 2:14 PM Flag

    Our Board of Directors and insiders

    have 63% of the common stock of AWI..but on the board of directors were with their % of shares, Director Larry Swecker is omitted and he has more then 10% of the company.....He has been a director for a long time and is doing a great job..I and an other stock holder who has been supporting the stock (bETM) might have to file a report with the SEC in respect to our owning so many shares...hate to do it..but we are supportive...Would love a stock bonus of 20% so that there would be more shares outstanding . I guess we will have to do this when we seek to go to American or Nascaq board...It is in the future....

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    • To get to the Amex or Nasdaq BETM would probably have to do a reverse split. I hope that doesn't happen. I've seen many reverse splits fail to do a company any good. Reverse splits are looked at as a desperate attempt to make it look better than it really is. Is that the case with BETM? Maybe, maybe not.

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      • Like UBET, they give a 15% stock dividen every year..we could do this for stock diversification...this would put out more shares to the public and when good news comes out we can bring the price up...we do not need a reverse split..just more shares to its stock holders..If they were to do this right now the price of the stock would hold...Like you say, sell 100 shares and the price of the stock goes down 5 cents...but never up when you buy....Now you Dave if you were to buy enought shares to bring up your portfolio up to 40,000 shares...eveytime it goes up one penny you make $400..that is a lot of money for a youngster with a coon cap from Missiouri with a squirrel rifle...