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  • youcrazydog89123 youcrazydog89123 Mar 14, 2007 11:33 PM Flag

    basketball $ucks

    last 2 minutes of those games is the worst--need to change rules to speed up the game---boorrrrrinnggg. Can't wait for football season--Fu$k baskets. Got jags 25-1, also have brew crew 50-1.

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    • another loser---winning the whole game again until the last few minutes.---waiting for football now.

    • took davidson on ml +260 against maryland--but im not lucky at baskets---had providence +6.5 yesterday---went into ot and lost by 11--thats my luck at baskets!!!!

    • I had Syracuse Wed. night...Bet on W.Va. on Thursday against Mass. It is Mass + 6. Florida St. -7 vs. Michigan..How do these coachs indure the stress.. W.VA will win the NIT tournament in MY OPINION...There are some nice point spreads on the NCAA games but which way do you go..Pitt-10 1/2 against Wright State...Georgia Tech - 1 against UNLas Vegas..I want UNLV to win for the hell of it.==..UCLA -20 against WEBER..I have the sports sheets right beside me if you want information...Do you know that they have the half time odds all-ready....Central Conn.....Ohio State -11 1/2..what the hell is the half pooint for?.....I see were Boston College is favored by 3 points against Texas...Now here are the limits on Basketball...side bets $5,000...Totals, over and under $1,000, Money lines: $2,000..One person can go up and bet only that amount..Now is the back room there is a monitor which tells the casino were the money is being bet on and CBS manufactures that also.....I noticed that Wed. some one came in at the last minute and bought a few shares of BETM...He must know something...I wish that the sellers would come out and tell us how many shares are we to watch out for..I might have to dig inside my old mattress for some of that confederecy money. Vegasvalue1 has his own printing press...The March Madness starts tonight and I wonder who is going to get upset???.....I E-Mailed The LOttery Guy to tell him about valuewiki and he just answered were he is in Dublin, Ireland for the Irish days and business..He is Polish though.

    • That is why I love my TiVo. I fast forward to the last five minutes of the games unless I have money on it, in which case I want to strech the anticipation out for as long as possible.

      I'm looking forward to March madness, but don't have it set to record the games until the official tournament starts. It's probably best that we don't have sports betting in California or else I'd lose too much. I go to Reno all the time. It'd be neat if we did buy a casino there, I would post video of the location onto YouTube. I tend to be more interested in betting on boxing then the madness, but does anyone have any Cinderella picks you think are going to pay off big time?