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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Mar 29, 2011 3:51 PM Flag

    The Forbearance Agreements Expire in 2 Days

    As a result, there will likely be news on the refinancings tomorrow.

    Given there's nothing official, this is MHO, but I believe that the short, 2-week delay in the refinancings was probably an indication that they will happen and that only the terms are uncertain.

    My rationale is simply that if refinance negotiations were at an impasse at the time the forbearance agreements were drawn up (on march 14th) the delay wouldn't have been for just 2 weeks... it either wouldn't have happened at all or it would have been for a considerably longer duration.

    2 weeks is a duration suitable to hammer out details, not for making major decisions.

    I'm wagering that resolution of the debt-roll will remove uncertainty from CT and has the potential to pop the stock and re-focus investor attention on portfolio repair and growth.


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