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  • derp0370 derp0370 May 14, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    550% Market Cap Increase After 16mil Share Offering

    ...if it issues at $28 per share. Whoa, that's a neck snapper. Will be interesting to see where the share price goes from here, how this will be received by the markets with the BX name associated with it, and how BX can turn this into more money.

    The way I'm looking at this, and maybe I'm being a bit naive and simple, but this is more like an IPO than a dilution. This will bring a bunch of fresh, deploy able capital to a company that needs capital to deploy. It's like giving mineral rights to a driller, no?

    BX knows how to make money. Peeps know BX knows how to make money. Hopefully peeps will bump 15% to 20% with this offering trying to collect some BX ticker action associated with a REIT.

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    • derp you read my mind, and the market is reading it accordingly...this is more like an IPO. This infussion of capital will make this into billions market capital company. Blackstone knows how to make money, and the market know it. And you know now for sure dividens will start paying out. This company is looking more attractive by the second.

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    • People, this will continue higher. Eventually, dividends will be paid out.

      Note that the company went all the way with common. No preferred issuance. The only sad thing is that dividends will be split among many more shares so we won't get as much the day that happens.

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      • Rosen, actually, with the large infusion of capital, there will be no diffrence, new investors will contribute with the infusion of capital and will add to the pot accordinly. In fact, the new investement will make more divedens than without. Remember it is now an opportunistic market. The real state market is recovering and there a lot of opprtunities for investments to continue to yield higher returns.

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