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  • robvoln001 robvoln001 Mar 12, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    This message is to any investors in TBET...

    This message goes out to any investor in TBET who comes on this board for anything but entertainment purposes. If you make investment decisions based on anything written here, sell all of your individual stocks and immediately stick the money into mutual funds. The common theme is that pumpers and dumpers are the primary posters on this board, but in reality the majority are a collection of morons. Those who say that this will be approved in the next few days at the latest: morons. Those who write that this is a complete fraud and to exit immediately or lose your entire investment: morons. Anyone who says this is a done deal: yep, once again, morons. I am long the stock, approximately 100k shares, but not because I think a deal is imminent. My decision is based on valuation and earnings. If the deal isn't approved and I don't realize a 100% return in the next few days, weeks, or months, that won't cause me to lose a wink of sleep. None of these people are money managers and investing based on their recommendations makes you as stupid as they are. If you're going to invest based on expert advice, mutual funds have professional managers. Just a thought...

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