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  • whbuncensored whbuncensored Mar 16, 2012 12:43 AM Flag

    field report from Hong Kong

    You think ingredients in medicine should be kept secret?
    You reveal your evil mentality by repeating such a thought, banshee.

    If the company wants to sell its products, it should obviously
    provide the ingredients and uses to everyone thankful for any query!

    You enjoy your own prolific comments by your other aliases I see.

    I have no doubt that your crew is planning some manipulation to
    swindle TBET shareholders somehow. In the process, you'll likely
    do incredible harm to the Company and its potential customers too.

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    • I try to keep track of the dumbest posts on yahoo boards, and congrats, whb, right now you're in first place. Let me introduce you to a concept called capitalism. Companies don't reveal what's in their product because of something called money. In case you're not familiar with what money looks like, it's usually green and fits in your wallet. Honestly, why would they give you their formula or ingredients? I have some field research for you: call Coca-Cola and ask for their secret ingredient. Once they laugh and call you an idiot, report back.

      • 1 Reply to robvoln001

        Coca-Cola is definitely a deleterious product hardly comparable to medicine.
        Food & beverage products also shouldn't have any secret ingredients.
        Major ingredients for Coca-Cola's products are listed on packaging.
        The so-called proprietary "secret" is merely flavoring.

        New medicines are protected for a time by patents which expire.
        All medicines including TBET's are generally regulated for safety and efficacy.

        You're not dumb, banshee, just thoroughly evil!
        Your vicious crew of manipulators prevented the Company from
        disclosing the content and uses of its Mandrake Pill to me which
        I would've immediately passed on to investors here.
        You (plural) think that it's your proprietary secret.

        You're a remorseless monster, a highly dangerous menace to public health
        not to mention honest capitalism, who should be immediately arrested for fraud.
        The persons who've prevented the Company from promptly responding to my email
        should be publicly identified and barred from the securities industry for life.