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  • shawnthomason4 shawnthomason4 Apr 3, 2012 9:20 PM Flag

    If tbet is a fraud then nighturd is long. READ

    Just not possible. Question...Why hasnt the auditor resigned?
    You telling me they got 2 TWO auditors to be in on fraud and someone to IPO this too? lol. NOt to mention 13 months of decieving the SEC when they are aware of Chinese frauds (lets be honest, if this is a fraud why havent they fraudantly made earnings like 3x what it currently was?).
    This thing will be bought out at $3.00...why? because Mr. Yu and the BOD's own a HUGE portion of the shares. They would lose all credibility after not filing a 10k or n10k and the stock will go to sub$1.00. What people fail to realize is $3.00 buyout is NOT a steal except for those that bought past few months. What about the IPO price of $5.50? What about the months it was above $3.00? Umm no.
    There STILL not being investigated by the SEC, just on a halt because they failed to file paperwork. The auction was a scam or HUGE missunderstanding (ps. where is the link to the new auction in April like all bashers said?)END OF STORY.

    Mr. Yu is not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to following deadlines but he probably saw the U.S. bias as a joke and disgrace to his thriving company. He will buy company and make a killing by keeping it private or relisting in China. Plus what scam company has gotten it this far want to coluneer themselves as a scam by not filing a 10k on their OWN WILL?

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    • Shawn- you have very little experience investing in stocks. As you will learn the SEC does not protect you from frauds, they are often the last ones that come in well after the frauds have been committed. And the auditor does not resign right away, again this will happen in due time.

      This is NOT about missing a filing deadline, there is an underlying reason why Sherb did not sign off and the Nasdaq is requesting more info. You are living in a fairy world right now.

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      • Hmmm,

        Im my country we have a saying: "Do not throw stones, when you live in a house made of glass", I hope, Night, that you got my point...

        You are alleging that a fellow board member "does not have much experience in investing in stocks", is that allegation based on his age (30 years of age); or based on your "interpretation" of his analysis of TBET/SEC.

        Ad 1) Coming back to the "age" criteria, as far as I can see, you are the youngest investor on this board, 28 years old, compared to many fellow investors in their 30,40,50s.

        Ad 2) Analytical interpretation skills, a number of experienced/seasoned board members, have evidence-based refuted a number of "facts" presented by you.

        I am sorry, but I may be wrong of course, credibility is gained, through argumentation, how one communicates, including terminology used.

        We all make mistakes, and life-long learning is a fact.

        Kind regards