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  • scottg64200 scottg64200 Apr 12, 2012 11:44 AM Flag


    I sent the following message to Fiona on 4/5. Never did hear anything back.

    Dear Fiona,
    I am a TBET shareholder, and am concerned that the stock has been halted. It would be great to get the $3 per share that was offered. Do you have any information for me?


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    • Fiona is a ghost. Does not exist. I have sent more than 10 emails to the ghost and never received a response.

    • You know, I asked some very simple straightforward questions, and some guy thinks that I am asking for insider information. Baffling.

      Anyway, I just wanted to know if they do respond to emails from shareholders. It looks like they don't. My questions could have been answered very briefly: "we are working to get out of the halt status." and "We are entertaining the buyout offer." It wasn't like I was fishing for, "we are having the closing date on Tuesday, and the buyout is $3.10 per share."

      Now watch some idiot think that the buyout is for $3.10 a share on Tuesday.

    • The fools and the dubious CEO dont reply to any email anymore.

      They are chinese junks!!!

      This is not only peculiar to TBET. All chinese companies I have invested, it is close to dead getting access to the CEO. They all act in a very suspicious and dubios manner. Even when they are honest, their behavior is very bizzare. Maybe that is embedded in Chinese culture. But if they wanna play the game in American soil, they better start being open and communicate better like Americans. Even if they lie like american CEO do, it still gives warm fuzzy feeling that they are still working and have not bailed out.

    • scott,

      You are asking for insider material information that the general public has not received. Fiona or anyone else replying to your email other than no comment is against the law.

      Just wait for the 10K filing due Monday.