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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert May 3, 2012 9:43 AM Flag

    j.datel -- Oracle Bone


    That was a book review and the author was a correspondent stationed in Beijing and turned teacher/writer about migrant workers in Shenzhen.

    It was a good read about the struggle of minorities and working class in China in a foreigner's perspective.

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    • True,

      What is really important (also to us, engaged in trading Asian stocks), is that interpretation/cultural understanding (or mis-understanding), or being "lost in translation", may at time be our weakness (in judging the "motives" and acts of others).

      USA, Western European recent understanding on business practices, expectations, duties may differ significantly from Asian actual ones (regardless of wording in signed agreements).

      Hence, you know, I believe, that perceptions vary quite a lot, I guess, e.g. in Japan the word "no" is less frequent used

      The Japanese and 'Face'Map of Japan

      . Saving face is crucial in Japanese society.
      . The Japanese believe that turning down someone's request causes embarrassment and loss of face to the other person.
      . If the request cannot be agreed to, they will say, 'it's inconvenient' or 'it's under consideration'.
      . Face is a mark of personal dignity and means having high status with one's peers.
      . The Japanese will try never to do anything to cause loss of face.
      . Therefore, they do not openly criticize, insult, or put anyone on-the-spot.
      . Face can be lost, taken away, or earned through praise and thanks.

      Or in Arab/Mediterranean countries, there is a more laid back relaxed attitude

      Let us see what will happen