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  • baomike baomike May 26, 2010 4:24 PM Flag

    manoeuver on close?

    At 12:56 it was bid/ask .46/.465
    12:57 the .46 bid was gone.
    at 12:56:59 over 20,000 shares got dumped on the bid.

    I can't help but wonder if this was closing price support that got dumped on. There does seem to be a pattern of price support for the close.

    Did somebody take advantage of it this time?

    I still wonder who is trying to support it?

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    • Rix maybe, trying to make his shares worth more in the morning as he continues to screw over investors, I was thinking of shorting this stock at one dollar, too bad I didn't...

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      • Rix wasn't chosen because he knew how to run a scam. Rix is just the guy who signs paperwork. He is the fall guy. His only experience with trading is this company. If he gets banned from ever running another publicly traded company, he loses nothing.

        The Street Sweeper identified Shane Whittle as someone with scam experience, that is associated with this scam. He probably also farmed out the stock manipulation to someone else.