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  • hbun888 hbun888 Jan 14, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Lenovo sold my workstation to someone else and won't make good

    Got a great deal on a workstation from Lenovo's outlet and they sold my workstation to someone else

    Now they won't make good on my order. I was told "oh well, there is nothing we can do." I told them this us unacceptable and that it needed to be escalated to management - I was told they'd call me back. I asked "when" and was told: "I don't know, a day or two, I don't know."

    Has this happened to anybody else?? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

    I just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad less than 6 monts ago, I am an old IBM Thinkpad customer. I cannot beleive this - I have never heard of this happening to anybody else. When I bought the workstation, there were 5 left. I charged it to my credit card, then there were 4 left. I bought additional RAM - all this with the help of a salesperson - what the heck is going on here???? Too good of a deal? Now they have to claw it back - or give it do a different "valued" customer and screw the consumer.

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