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  • stkupdn stkupdn Dec 8, 2009 8:44 PM Flag

    Deliberate misleading

    It appears that some on this board are engaged in deliberate misrepresentation. Shorts are panicking.

    Share count will go up, from 55 million to say 71 million.

    Debt will be reduced sharply (paying 491 million, access to cash of 350 million), from 491 million to 141 million (less than 1/3).

    Interest saving will be substantial, should make for increase in share count.

    Excellent job by management.

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    • Stkupdn,

      Either you are dumb, or you are a misleader.

      Aeon is out.

      They were owed $250 million. They owned 54% of the stock.

      How did AEON get out?

      *** The company (TLB)bought their stock using the cash that they (TLB)are getting from the blank check company.

      *** The $250 million that TLB owed to AEON was retired by borrowing new money from GE Capital. The debt didn't go away.

      TLB is not better than before. Aeon is better. Management might be better off.

      They still have a negative net worth and negative working capital.......oh and more shares than ever before:-)

      Good luck to you if you are long. FYI, I am not short...