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  • sempar_grumpy sempar_grumpy May 29, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

    most recent trades

    "Not all price drops are due to bashers. In fact, the bashers are irrelevant."

    Same goes for "pumpers" when the stock goes up

    Remember that!

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    • MM and Specialist are not the same.
      MM's on the Nasdaq are all electronic-only.
      Groups of them post bids and asks.
      On the NYSE, everyone follows the Specialist
      that ONE PERSON DESIGNATED to price the stock.
      The term Specialist has been re-named
      DMM = Designated Market Maker, but the change
      is in name-only. There's still ONE PERSON
      who can GAP UP or GAP DOWN the stock. Or accumulate it for resale.

      • 1 Reply to snow.ball7
      • You know a lot more than me on the function of these people.

        Nevertheless, their role is to smooth out the bumps. They can set an initial price but from that point forward, it is the market that drives the price. Example if he set TLB at $4.00, how many trades would happen?

        Your position is that the DMM for TLB is holding a lot of inventory. When the flood of margin selling is over, he will sell his position at a profit by setting a higher selling price. I don't think this will happen.

        Only a few days left. Let's see what happens. By your theory, the price on Friday and beyond should be higher than $1.80. Is this right?

    • I agree with this also!

      Yahoo Boards are just for venting of the spleen. Sometimes amusing. Sometime annoying.